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Man Does Not Live By Crack Alone: Working Hard for Your Money Doesn't Mean Much

You know them; those who shamelessly showboat their new trucks, plastic houses, trips to Africa, or craft projects with all that Ikea can supply; shamelessly, they think, because, hey, they (or their husbands or wives, or parents, etc.) work hard for their money. They post memes about it; how people with money worked hard for it, so don't begrudge them their indulgences!

Because I know how to play the game, and I'm my own god.
 Many a man has worked harder than you and came up with nothing. Actually, some pretty big geniuses and hard workers, who have affected the way you live right now, never made a killing off of their hard work. Yes, we trample on the backs of countless dead hardworking men and women who may never be known to us in this life; even those who prayed for the conversion of souls or got themselves guillotined for the pleasure. Someone might be praying for your lost soul at this very moment, or forgoing that espresso just so that your little lazy spiritual life doesn't kill you, like for eternity.

Of course, this mistaken belief in oneself as the arbiter of one's success correlates that the self-sufficiency sorts place the blame on those without enough money, especially the homeless, because they believe that the bums do not work hard enough, or are drug addicts. These self-sufficiency sorts will think these things about the homeless man or "crack addict" on the sidewalk as they themselves wait in the line at Starbucks. The self sufficients only see the undeserved and not-worked-for indulgences and addictions of others, but man does not live by crack alone, just as he does not live by work alone; even drug addicts need a bagel or a croissant sometimes.

Because they believe that they are their own gods and owe it to no one else besides themselves that they have a job that they are able to perform, they begrudge those who do not have these personal "blessings," and they see them as wholly to blame for their situations of squalor, especially when it involves the begetting of children without a trust fund or a daycare with all the feigned parental love and attention money can buy. They become angry that their money should ever go to anyone who is not as responsible or as industrious as themselves.

Hence, the self-sufficients will argue that food stamp recipients receive drug testing as they down their government-approved prescription drugs like Xanax and Ambien and cheerfully piss in cups for their lucky employers. They can sleep well at night knowing that they have health insurance and can deserve to purchase a good night's sleep. These are, incidentally, the same people who believe that the militarized police force is wonderful because they never do anything wrong.

With drugs one can neglect the mind and its nightmares.
This belief in the man-centered gospel of self-sufficiency also applies to the self sufficients' socially acceptable formal religion as observed in "health and wealth Protestantism," where one's favoritism with God is viewed by how materially blessed one becomes, because after all, God never said, "blessed be the poor," or that "the poor will always be with you." Their swinging book study megachurches will help you only if you deny the teachings of Christ (the Catholic Church, which yes, has been hijacked) and become one of them. They will not donate to your cause unless you at least pretend that you might become one of them...someday, (you can keep them hopeful by saying derogatory things about the Mother of Christ, or randomly exclaiming, "Jesus, Jesus.")

And these people love usury, which was also banned by the Church, because heck, if you have money, you better make money just for having it, and you also better make sure that the others don't actually get their grubs on some just because of your generosity.

And it is true that many hard working people are bitter because of their plights as wage slaves and their rape by usury. Hard work does pay off this way as well (in bitterness), because working for money, even a little, often requires a desertion of the mind, and the mind is not so easily scorned. Only a part of you is working when you are a cog in wheel carrying out orders that might not be good if you stopped and thought about it. But if you stopped and thought about it, you might have to quit doing that well paying job, and you'd be replaced by another willing cog who would blame you for being a lazy ass.

If I don't spray these crops with glyphosate, I'll lose my job.
This is what happens when we deny Christ's Kingship in Heaven and on Earth and entrust ourselves to our own industriousness, which we then easily believe is the prime value of a man.

Thanks to the neglect of the mind and soul, these self-sufficiency sorts have even bought their own place in hell, so self-sufficient and well-prepared they are! Faith, be damned! I hate to see the interest.

Hell is filled with those who neglected the work of the soul.

"Money buys your fate in hell."  
        -The Lower Depths, Akira Kurosawa, 1957.

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